About Alpha International

Alpha International Training and Consultancy Sdn Bhd was established in 1997. This is a full- fledged training and consulting centre that offers a myriad of training programs that focuses the development of human capital.

Our objective is to help create a highly charged workforce that will increase productivity, quality and efficiency; and towards achieving this aim, we work closely with corporate entities in providing both specialized skills training as well as generic training. Our programs are in line with the aspirations of the Human Resources Ministry, and as such are fully claimable from the Human Resources Development Fund.

We have been successful in providing superior training at very affordable rates. We believe in maintaining a long-term relationship and see ourselves as business partners with our clients. In addition to maintaining very competitive rates, we also provide flexible training hours, as we understand the time constraints of the working individual. We are also able to customize our training according to our clients’ requirements, thus making it industry relevant.

As providers of quality training, we are supercilious in recruiting a team of highly professional trainers. Our team of trainers not only possess the skills, knowledge and qualification, but they also bring with them their passion in people development and hands-on experience in their related field, as we believe strongly that without passion and enthusiasm, education will be a futile exercise.

Our dream is to provide continuous learning opportunity that promotes continuous education for all levels of the society. We are of the view that neither age nor one’s social background should be a barrier in achieving one’s full potential. Be it formal academic programs or skill-based programs, learning should be a life-long process.